You ride a 2 stroke and want to change your gearbox oil on your own? This tutorial is made for you!

Level of difficulty : ⭐⭐
Average time needed : 30 min ⏳


For traditional motocross bikes we recommend changing the gearbox oil every 4 outings. When riding in sand or mud it is recommended to change the oil after every ride.

For 50cc gearboxes, it is generally recommended to drain the oil every 3000 to 5000 km and for competition 50cc engines, every 1500 km.

Refer to your manufacturer’s manual to check the recommended intervals for changing the gearbox oil.

Necessary equipment

Here’s what you need :

List of IPONE's products :

  • Gearbox oil
    Box 2 for 50cc with gear or Box X-trem for 2-stroke motorcycles in competition, track and off-road use.
  • A drain pan
    Perfect for cleanly and easily recovering used liquid without spillage.
  • Brake Cleaner
    Degreases all mechanical parts.
  • A pair of gloves
    To protect your hands from dirt and grime.

Other accessories needed :

  • A new washer
  • a combination wrench
  • A cloth

How ?

Stabilise the bike and put a drain pan under the engine.

Remove the filler cap and unscrew the drain plug under the motor with the appropriately-sized wrench.

Let the oil drain into the pan.

When the drizzle of oil becomes thinner and the oil is almost drained, tilt the bike from side to side to get every drop of oil out.

Once the oil has been properly drained, clean the drain plug and the plug hole with brake cleaner and a cloth. Be careful not to spray brake cleaner inside the gearbox.
Replace the sealing washer and tighten the drain plug to the torque recommended in the manufacturer’s manual.
You can now fill the crankcase with new oil. To find out how much oil you need, please refer to your manufacturer’s manual. Sometimes it is also engraved on the clutch housing.

If your bike has an oil check bolt, unscrew it to check the oil level. 

When the maximum level is reached, the oil will start to flow slightly. You can then tighten the oil check bolt and clean any spillage.

Close the filler cap and we’re done!

The essentials in video

To continue, we suggest watching our video tutorial on the same subject.


Gearbox oils

BOX 2 10W40 – 1L


Gearbox oils



After carrying out any maintenance on your bike, we recommend going for a short ride at cruising speed, this will allow you to check that everything is in place and all work has been completed properly.

Enjoy your ride !