Clean your carburettor and give it a new lease of life 😉 

Level of difficulty : ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Average time needed : 1 and a half hours per carburettor ⏳


You can clean your carburettor on several occasions:

– When starting vintage or collectable motorcycles after long periods of time in storage to unclog the carburettor(s) and to facilitate adjustments.

– After a big wash, a big enduro, trail or motocross outing, or in the case of extreme humidity and the presence of dust and/or mud.

– Essential when troubleshooting issues.

If your bike breaks down, start by cleaning your carburettor. Don’t forget to check and clean the air filter and check that your spark plugs are functioning correctly. 😉

– Every 10,000 km for motorcycles in regular use.

Necessary equipment

Here’s what you need :

List of IPONE's products :

  • Carbu Cleaner
    The powerful carburettor degreaser.

  • The environmental mat
    To perfectly protect all floors from liquid stains.

  • A drain pan
    Perfect to cleanly and easily catching fuel without soiling the floor.

  • Full Protect
    To lubricate your carburettor and moving parts.

    Other accessories needed :

  • Your compressor’s air blow gun

  • A tool box

  • A stainless steel container

  • The manufacturer’s manual for general carburettor adjustments (jets, needles, throttle slide, diaphragm, idle mixture adjustment screw, idle speed screw, etc.)

1. Let's get settled

1a. Start by cleaning your bike, always work on clean parts!

1b. Check all settings before disassembly, ensuring that you’ll reassemble everything correctly! You can take pictures if needed 😉

2. Disassembly

2a. Prepare your workspace

2a. Place a drain pan and environmental mat under the bike to protect the floor from fuel leaks. 

2b. Turn off the fuel supply.

2c. Remove the carburettor from its place by undoing the clamps, removing the accelerator cable and disconnecting the electronic sensors.

2d. If the carburettor drain screw is accessible, you can drain the float chamber before the next step to prevent fuel leaks.

3. Cleaning

3a. Clean the exterior of the carburettor with Carbu Cleaner.

3b. Disassemble the carburettor completely and place it into a stainless steel container.

Spray Carbu Cleaner into all power circuits (jets, float needle, diffuser, float chamber, throttle slide, etc.)

3c. Blow with the compressor’s air blow gun in all places in which Carbu Cleaner has been applied.

3d. For optimal performance, we recommend spraying all parts and the exterior of the carburettor with Full Protect which ensures optimal lubrication of the cables and moving parts.

Finally, reassemble everything, turn back on the fuel supply and we’re done!


After any intervention on your bike, we recommend going for a small ride at cruising speed, this will allow you to control that everything is in place and that the operation has been carried out properly.

Enjoy your ride !