Learn how to take care of the one thing that can save your life on the road.

Necessary equipment

Here’s what you need :

List of IPONE’s products :

  • Helmet’out
    Cleaning spray for the exterior of the helmet that eliminates all dirt and insects encrusted on your helmet and visor.

  • Helmet’in
    Cleaning foam spray for the interior of the helmet that neutralizes perspiration odour and refreshes the inside of your helmet.

  • Visor Rain Off
    Effective rain repellent for visor and rain droplets.

  • A Microfibre wipe
    For gently removing all dirt without causing micro scratches.

Exterior cleaning

With Helmet’Out

Start with spots where the dirt is the most persistent. Spray Helmet’Out on the surface to be cleaned. With a microfibre wipe, gently rub your helmet until the dust and mosquitoes are gone. Feel free to scrub every nook and cranny!

Whether the paint on your helmet is shiny or matte, Helmet’Out is suitable for both types of surfaces. It does not leave fingerprints, even on matte motorcycle helmets.. The spray also leaves a protective, durable film.

Lens cleaning

Yep, Helmet’Out will handle this too!

Cleaning your motorcycle’s helmet lens is essential for good visibility on the road (even more so if you do not have a protective bubble). Neglecting this can lead to insects, grime and dust accumulating and becoming difficult to clean off. Needless to say that in comparison, driving at night, in the fog, with your eyes closed, is a piece of cake.

After cleaning the shell of your motorcycle helmet, use the same product on the screen. Spray and wipe gently with your microfibre wipe.

How do you deal with the rain? Use Visor Rain’Off!

Between us, rain that sticks to the visor and leaves traces isn’t cool nor great for your safety. To end this, you’ll need a rain spray just like our Visor Rain’Off. Its water-repellent effect disperses water instantly, reduces fogging and minimises glare from headlights reflected in water drops. Spray, let it dry for two minutes and it’s done!

Interior cleaning

Like many, you are used to cleaning your motorcycle helmet on the outside, but what about the inside?

With Helmet’In

Sweat, encrusted grime and your foams pads also require cleaning.

To clean the inside of your motorcycle helmet, nothing is simpler than the Helmet’In spray. The foam acts as a disinfectant against unpleasant smells. Spray the product evenly and leave it on for 1 hour.

With Helmet’in, the smells of sweat and dirt are a thing of the past!


Our helmet kit includes all the products you need.
Small and flexible, they easily fit in your pockets and even in the glove box.
So what are you waiting for ?

Enjoy your ride !