You still don’t know how to properly maintain and grease your motorcycle chain? Then you are in the right place. Learn how to become a cleaning and greasing expert in just a few minutes! This operation is one of the simplest and most important in the maintenance of a two-wheeled. With the right tools and products, your chain kit will soon have no secrets for you.

4 good reasons to maintain your chain

1 – To ride safely

A poorly maintained chain can potentially to bind and even break. Difficult to imagine the result at high speed.

2 – To increase the lifespan of your chain kit

A poorly maintained chain is a chain that wears out faster! Care for it, it will be returned to you.

A chain kit that receives no care will last a maximum of 10,000 km. Well maintained, you will keep it for 30,000 km!

3 – To increase the power of your engine

A well-lubricated chain transmits more power to the wheel.

4 – For the beauty of your engine and comfort

When it is well cleaned and greased, a chain rocks! And it makes less noise when rolling.

When to maintain your chain?

Is your chain dirty? Have you been riding in the storm or in the rain? Is it noisy or dry? Then it’s time clean and grease it!

With conventional chain grease, it is recommended to clean and grease your chain every 2 full tanks or every 500 km. With the X-trem chain road, you go on for 800km.

On track or off-road, grease it every day. The chain kit is much more solicited.

Warning, always clean your chain before greasing it.

There’s no use in greasing a dirty chain, you have to clean it first.

First you should settle, preferably in a ventilated area. Place your bike on the centre stand or on a paddock stand to be able to turn the rear wheel. Your engine must be turned off. Do the cleaning on an environmental mat with a drain pan that you can later deposit in waste disposal site.

Put on your gloves, get the chain brush and your chain cleaner.

Spray the chain cleaner using its practical diffuser. Its powerful spray allows you to take off all the dirt. Let it work for a few minutes. Brush the chain by rotating the rear wheel always in the direction of travel to remove all impurities. Easy peasy!

Don’t worry, the chain cleaner is compatible with all O-rings.

How to grease your chain?

The last step is no more complicated. Rotate the rear wheel always in the direction of travel and spray the xtrem chain along the entire length of the chain, insisting on the inside. The multi position diffuser of the x-trem chain road will allow you to aim where you want to apply it. Thanks to its gentle and precise spray, no more cardboard under the chain and projections on the tyre!

It can be interesting to grease after riding for a little while. The chain is hot and the grease will penetrate the links better. You should let the grease penetrate for about two hours so that it infiltrates everywhere before going on the road again. Between cleaning and greasing, you can also check the chain tension and adjust it if necessary.

And it’s done! You now have a chain kit that is well maintained and will last. If you do this regularly, you can keep your chain kit longer. Feel free to spread the word!

Enjoy your ride #iponefamily