Are you a 2-stroke lover? If that answer is a yes, then this tutorial is made for you. We will give you all the information to successfully mix your trusty two-stroke!

Level of difficulty : ⭐
Average time needed : 15 min ⏳

First step: choosing your oil!

For that, we have everything you need. 

Necessary equipment

Here’s what you need :

List of IPONE's products :

  • 2-Stroke motor oil
    Find the best oil from our range that will suit your motorcycle.

  • Oil Measuring Cup
    Ideal for measuring precisely and avoiding spillage when pouring.

  • A pair of mechanical gloves
    An efficient form of hand protection.

  • An environmental mat
    Perfect for protecting the floor from oil stains.

Other accessories needed:

  • A jerry can of petrol

Second step: The mix!

First you need a jerry can of petrol, check your manufacturer’s manual to know the recommended unleaded. We recommend using a quantity of petrol that is a multiple of 5 (5L,10L,15L…), it will be easier to do the math.  

Our two-stroke oil cans are equipped with an integrated doser, it is super practical, just open the cap of the measuring side and press the can to fill it.

They are intended for a mixture at 2%, recommended percentage in regular use.

For more intense practices like motocross, enduro or race in the sand, you can go up to 3%. To find out the most suitable percentage for your bike and your use, check out the manufacturer’s manual.  

If you do not use the 2% mixture, then you will need a doser. Our dispenser has a double graduation in milliliters and liters but also percentages.

Here’s how to determine the amount of engine oil to be added: 

5L (petrol) x 3% = 0.15 -> 150 millilitres of oil

(5 x 0.03)

Then pour the calculated amount of oil into the jerry can.

Shake the jerry can for a minute so that the oil and petrol mix perfectly then pour your mixture into your fuel tank.

The essentials in video

To continue, we suggest watching our video tutorial on the same subject.


That’s it ! Just put the fuel tank cap back on !

After any intervention on your bike, we recommend going for a small ride at cruising speed, this will allow you to control that everything is in place and that the operation has been carried out properly.

Enjoy your ride !