Learn how to clean your bike efficiently and quickly.


Wash when the engine is cold or lukewarm

Wash in the shade

Always wash from top to bottom

Avoid using a high pressure lance too close

Necessary equipment

Here’s what you need:

List of IPONE's products :

  • Moto Wash
    Effective cleaning spray that cleans deeply

  • Wheel Cleaner
    A powerful degreasing cleaning spray

  • Cleaner Polish
    To protect your bike and make it shine

  • A microfibre wipe
    Gently removes dirt without causing micro-scratches

  • An environmental mat
    To protect all floors from oil or petrol stains

Other accessories needed :

  • An air blower or your compressor’s air blow gun
  • An exhaust plug
  • A pressure washer (lukewarm water)

How ?

Place your bike in the shade on the mat, be sure that your motor isn’t hot and don’t forget to seal the exhaust!

Rinse & wash everything

Clean the rims


Protect and shine

1. Rinse and wash your motorcycle entirely

Clean with Moto Wash

To begin, wet your bike using lukewarm water (max 40°). This removes as much dust as possible and limits the risk of scratches when using a microfiber wipe.

Spray Moto Wash on all surfaces and leave it on for 2 minutes. Be sure to have your bike in the shade!

Rub the dirtiest parts with a soft sponge or microfibre wipe. Take care when washing the windscreen and the windshield, headlights and chrome.

Afterwards, rinse your bike with clear water.

2. Clean the rims

With wheel cleaner

To degrease and clean your bike’s rims, park the bike in the shade and coat the rims with Wheel Cleaner or another suitable cleaning agent. This degreasing cleaner dissolves grease, oil or sludge residues without damaging paints and varnishes.

Still in the shade, leave the product on for 2 minutes and then rub with a soft sponge if necessary.

Rinse thoroughly with clear water.

3. Let it dry

The drying stage is essential after washing your motorcycle to ensure that there are no traces on fairings. You can use your compressor’s air gun or any air blower.


Run the engine for a few minutes or go for a ride after cleaning your bike. Water may have infiltrated the inside. It must not stagnate because it could cause damage. Water does not mix well with metal.

And before you go, watch out for wet tyres!

4. Protect and shine

With Cleaner Polish

When your bike is fully washed and dried, the last step is to make it shine.

Cleaner Polish is a multi-surface cleaning wax that leaves a protective layer on your fairings. It will also make your next clean-up session easier. Spray the product all over your bike and wipe gently with a microfibre wipe to give it that shiny new look!


You can also use Cleaner Polish to remove dead insects after a ride.
It is always easier to remove them before they dry.

What about the chain?

Cleaning and lubricating your chain are very important steps when conducting a proper cleaning session. We have a whole article dedicated to it! To become an expert on the matter, click here.


You now know everything, and hold all the cards to sublimate, protect and extend the lifespan of your bike. Remember to perform these 4 steps on a regular basis. Take care of your bike, it will return the favour !

Enjoy your ride !